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Website design experts at CIT {Creators Information Technologies } understand the difference between corporate, e-commerce and custom web designs and thus create customer oriented websites that are easy to use and which work to improve your brand image. Our web designers design full featured e-commerce websites that meet all your e-commerce needs, making us the best web design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Unlike other web design companies, our web designs don’t just catch the attention of visitors but also offer them better usability so that they can identify with your products and make us of your services instantly. We design sites that convert a onetime visitor into a regular customer. We aim to provide complete satisfaction.


Our client will enjoy day & night services from your website according to his convenience. In addition of fulfilling the existing demands of your customers, you will achieve to educate & change their outlook for creating demands for your own products.

Benefited by your on-line catalogue display, your customers will be able to search, choose & buy any production-line.

Our services are not the cheapest since our quality and requirements for advanced projects demand a considerable amount of effort. Our realistic timeframes, our balanced team and our high productivity are the keys to cost-efficiency. But yes we assure you that our costs are affordable in as we give the quality as well as the quantity output. High Quality and at a defined Cost are key elements for any project, but serious customers also require guarantees and reliability. Our track record of our long-term customers speaks for itself.

The web designing strategies followed by us

  • Web 3.0 ( The Third Generation Web) design implementation, in line with contemporary design trends and business standards.
  • Easy to load, user friendly websites.
  • Use of JavaScript and Jquery etc.
  • Complete knowledge of latest trends and techniques.
  • Cross Browser Support for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Safari and others.
  • Acquiescence with W3C standards: XHTML 1.0 or HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0 standards.
  • Descriptive of screen density, efficient information presentation and correct directional sense.
  • Use of distinct CSS file to describe overall colour themes and styles.
  • Sharp navigation system.

Who we are

CIT {Creators Information Technologies } is a web design and development company operating from Dhaka, Bangladesh, offering a wide range of services to enable your business to achieve success. We provide the highest quality yet cost effective solutions for all your online design and development requirements.

We act in accordance with industry-certified processes to deliver the best to our clients and strive to ensure that our state-of-the-art services are compatible with the best available in the industry.


Our services

We have a unique approach to make your business achieve success. We believe that design should be at the core of your marketing efforts and we can prove that our approach works. We strategically integrate competence in digital technology with expertise of vertical markets, to help your business grow.

We can design and deliver a complete set of new media services for developing, integrating and operating your business both online and offline. 



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