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    Custom CMS

    CMS experts CIT Solutions look at your total business aims and objects, analysing what you need to be competitive. Achieving sufficient knowledge from your end we then design software to perform various multiple operations such as keyword search, proper classification and documentation, for stage-wise and regional navigation wherever required without disturbing your central IT office.

    WEB CMS is actually different from an ordinary database website as it can index text, video clips, audio clips & images. Via GUI (graphical user interface) the usuer is able to add information to the website. Linking arrangements are made between different pages, the appearance and navigation becomes the best through proper CMS. A vast range of contents can be published through this system. CMS is definitely a very critical & specialized job, still we are keeping most moderate charge considering the new entrants & small establishments.

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  • Custom E-commerce

    CIT makes it easier for you to control your custom e-commerce website. From accumulating products or categories to organizing promotions and sending newsletters, you have absolute access to your site, which can provide unlimited growth for your business. We will also make sure that you are not limited to a certain amount of categories or products that adds variety to your website.

    We are available to offer you help and advice if you are unsure about which functionality is appropriate and what methods will best serve your business needs. The e-commerce web solutions will be modified as per your requirements and business needs to make your e-commerce web designs extremely simple and productive. 

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    Custom Facebook Pages

    With 900 million active users, Facebook has become a country in itself with a teeming population interacting globally every day. As a result, it has become one of the biggest platforms for promotion of any person, thing, event or company.

    Facebook Pages can be specifically designed for this purpose and require creative content placement and promotion techniques to create a buzz that spreads online like wildfire. CIT provides assistance in Facebook Page Design and Facebook Application Development for a wide variety of entities and uses.

    From local businesses or places, companies/organizations/institutions, brands and products to artists/bands/public figures, events or causes and communities- you name it, we can do it.

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    PSD 2 HTML

    PSD is an extension of Adobe Photoshop. When you design the layout of your website, you save it in a PSD format. This format must be converted to an XHTML format for your website to function properly on the internet. At CIT, we offer expert services to convert your PSD file to an XHTML format. If you have your design ready on PSD and the only thing left is to turn it into a fully functional, working and usable website, our expert website developers have the expertise and experience to code and convert it to XHTML in a way that will enhance the visibility of your website on the internet.

    At CIT we believe in delivering the best and delivering it fast. Our managers, especially dedicated to your project, keep track of deadlines and keep you notified about your project progress through consistent communication. Our designers and programmers devote as much time as needed to fully understand your requirements because we know that our success lies in making you a success.

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    Website Design

    CIT web designers help global clients in make eye-catching custom website designs to assist with increasing the website's conversion rate. Our website design services deliver end-to-end and affordable website designing techniques from beginning to end with complete focus on increasing income and improving business performance.

    Our ground-breaking web design services at affordable prices help organizations across the globe to build innovative and business oriented websites . Our web design services include everything from standard website design to corporate or e-commerce web design using the most complex custom web page design, psd to html, Table less Div Based Pages, Web 2.0, production based designs and website revamping. As well as being user friendly, all websites are W3C validated, easy to load and extremely functional.

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    Website Redesign

    Your website is an online portrait of your company and as such is a major active tool. It must be adequately flexible and CIT to keep pace with the development and progress of your company and the market in which you operate. Websites need regular updating to keep pace with your industry and customer base. What may have been the best website when it started out can quickly become out-dated. CIT has significant expertise in updating your website to make it fresh and modern and ensuring it does everything it needs to do to keep you competitive.

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    Web Development

    PHP is a broadly used scripting language. PHP is most constructively used for web development and for creating dynamic Webpages. PHP language is set into HTML pages. Unlike other languages the PHP user doesn’t need to write incalculable commands to produce HTML. It is quite simple to work with PHP.

    One just needs to write HTML script followed by embedded codes. These codes act as instructions to do a particular thing. In addition, PHP codes are hem in special tags to START and END, which facilitate the user for quick switch-on/off with PHP mode?

    The web servers can be easily configured to process any and every file with PHP. PHP is so user-friendly that a novice can also work with this without any complication

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    Corporate Branding

    At CIT we understand the importance of your corporate brand and how your online presence needs to reflect this. We can help you develop your brand to stand out from the rest and be noticed. We work tirelessly to understand and where appropriate, reflect:

    • The key drivers of your business
    • Your product and service offering
    • What is the current perception of your brand amongst consumers?
    • What are your business plan, goals and objectives?
    • Your greatest point of difference from the competition

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    Logo Design

    The first impression of your company starts with your logo; it should act as a superb identifier of your company. The unique artistry of your logo needs to reflect the specific nature of your products and services to ensure maximum attention in the marketplace.

    The successful launching of a strong logo builds increasing brand awareness of your company. Our logo designers immerse themselves in the different aspects of your products and services in relative to market competition and frame the logo with your customized corporate identity. We work to create a distinct image for your company. The logo is an indispensable item for all companies both small and big, and we aim to provide a professional accessible service even for a modest new initiative. In addition, we always work within a very reasonable timeframe.

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    Brochure Design

    CIT is equipped with a team of expert professionals to design business brochures, corporate brochures, a custom flier design, tri-fold brochures, marketing brochures, sales brochures, training manual, product handbook design, pocket folder, booklet, different types of catalogue etc.

    Our brochure design team will assess your conditions and objectives, working directly with your office and workshops. Through tireless research and intimate analysis they will develop a unique design for the brochure and will go on developing it up to your fullest satisfaction. Our innovative decoration and classical representations using photography, graphics, charts and all other techniques help to produce the highest quality corporate information materials.

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